Sliceform Links

This page will grow as I collect my links together

My Flickr & YouTube

Sliceform Torus video and Sketchup version

Flickr Sliceforms Set

More Flickr

There is also a Flickr set page here

Richard Sweeney has also many Sliceforms here and on his website along with many other interesting paper sculptures

Online interview video

You can see me talking about Sliceforms (and D-Forms) here

My Sliceform books and poster

The original model book and the book Surfaces: Explorations with Sliceforms

There is a review of the Surfaces book here.


Poster and Laminated poster and postcards type A and type B

Sites with templates or making ideas

Sliceform Snowflake

Sliceform Xmas Ornament

David Graas’s table and chair

The SketchChair  has some software for designing chairs using a Sliceform technique.

Sliceform lightbulb template

There are many other Sliceform activities on the Flatland pages by Julian Fleron and Volker Ecke with a novel way for making Sliceforms using Google Sketchup which does not use the plugin I described in the posts.


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