Sketchup Sliceforms Step 6 – Outputting the result

This is the final step.
The output method you want to use will depend on how you want to produce the physical Sliceform. The following method is the one I use to cut out the slices with scissors.

I used the SVG export plugin from the Ruby Library Depot. There is another one here to give vectors drawings of the slices.

I then loaded the SVG into  the vector graphics program Inkscape.

The only problem I found was that the SVG file gives large slices which you have to scale.  The SVG has very small font sizes which I increased by edited the SVG file ina  text editor. I can add more detail if anyone wants it.

Having scaled the slices, you need to arrange them on the paper in order to cut them out. The slices for each direction need to be on different sheets. You must ensure that both sets are scaled at the same time in order that they fit.


8 responses to “Sketchup Sliceforms Step 6 – Outputting the result

  1. I have successfully created the SVG file. the flattened pieces are too large. How can I resize the pieces for Inkscape

    • John Sharp (Sliceforms)

      Hi Joe

      When you load the SVG file into Inkscape, you need to scale it down. There are other considerations which are too detailed to put into a reply like this.
      I have nearly completed the graphics & text for a detailed post. Should be up in the next few days.

      John S

    • John Sharp (Sliceforms)


      Let me know if the new post helps

      John S

  2. Thank you. My final outcome was what I wanted. I appreciate your help.

  3. When I try to load all of the pieces that I have of the torus into Inkscape, the svg exporter crashes while it is still in Sketchup. I have tried to export the pieces one at a time, but when I export them into inkscape, the piece is too large and I can not see it. Can you explain in detail how I can scale down the piece? Thanks

    • John Sharp (Sliceforms)

      I am afraid this does not make sense to me.

      The SVG exporter will create an SVG file. You then open this SVG file in Inkscape. Once the file has been created by the SVG exporter, it can’t crash, because it has finished running.

      If you look at the “Processing SVG output from SketchUp” which is currently the latest post then you will see a detailed description of what to do.

  4. Here are some screen shots that I have taken in the process that I go through to export the slices into Inkscape.! This is a picture of the slices that I made of the torus. The next picture is of when I click on the SVG plugin that is in the picture.! After this, the svg exporter crashes and that is as far as I can get.

    • John Sharp (Sliceforms)

      It would seem that you are using the FlightofIdeas SVG exporter version 0.99. I get trouble with this too. I suggest using version 0.92. I have changed the posts to warn readers.
      I have been using an earlier version with no problems at all.

      John S

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