Sketchup Sliceform – Using the Sliceform Plugin

The following steps will create a model of the Sliceform Torus as shown on YouTube.
It assumes you have Google SketchUp version 6 or above and have the plugin installed. This will appear on the Plugins menu.

Step 1 – Get the torus

I have created a SketchUp file of the torus suitably tilted at 45 degrees. You can get this from the Google 3D Warehouse. Search for Tilted Torus, or click here.

Step 2 – Select the object to slice

In the downloaded model, the parts of the torus have been grouped. If you are creating your own model, make sure that you have grouped all objects/parts you wish to slice. To do this, select them, then use Make Group on the Edit menu.

The selected object will then have a box around it:

The following steps take you through the stages of using the plugin to create the Sliceform.


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