Sketchup Sliceform – Step 3 – Start the Plugin

From the Plugins menu, select Slicemodeler 1.4 and you see the default menu:

Choose the direction to slice, Y in this case because Y is the longest side to the bounding box.

Leave the other parameters as default at this stage. I find this the most efficient way to work, since judging the slice spacing is easier if you get values back from the plugin.

Click OK and you are asked if you want to number the slices.

Say yes and you will get some details of measurements

The torus is quite large. I prefer to work with large objects and scale back at the end because it gives smoother edges to the slices.

The number of slices is far too much. In this case I want 11 slices. Odd numbers produce a slice in the centre of the Sliceforms. So 1585 divided by 11 gives a slice spacing of 144. Clicking OK here will give you a prompt to ask if you want to continue. Say No and the plugin exits.

Start the plugin again and enter 144 as the spacing. Repeat as before until you get to the measure dialog again. Unfortunately, this shows it will make 10 slices:

The plugin thinks this is reasonable, so it does not give you the option to cancel. Say know to the next prompts and let it create the slices and it will then come back to prompt to slice in the X direction with the same spacing of 144.

Cancel at this stage and the plugin will terminate with the Y slices cut.


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