How to make and assemble the models

Please read the following instructions carefully, especially the way to cut the slots. If you just cut slits, with a single cut instead of a slot as described below, then the model will buckle and will not deform properly. The following results compare well cut slots on the left with the effect of only cutting slits on the right.

How the templates are provided

Templates for each model are provided as files to print. You can either print directly onto card or print and then photocopy.

Files are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDFs

The reason for supplying files like this, rather than presenting them as web pages is to get good quality fine lines. To show them as good enough quality would mean large files that take a long time to download. Also the line thickness has been adjusted so that, when you cut out the slices, you leave the minimum construction line on the model.

This way you can have files ready to print at any time, or prepare masters for classroom teaching.

Printing or copying onto card

The templates are for printing or copying onto photocopy card (160 gsm).
The page size of the model is A4 or US letter size. Make sure you select the correct template for the page you are using.
Many simple models can fit onto to a single page so templates are provided for making many models from the same sheet of card, for example for classroom teaching, or a sheet is provided with more than one model.

The larger models with more slices are designed to print on two sheets of card. In some cases the slices are the same on both sheets, whereas for others the two sheets are different. Please read the instructions for each model.

With the larger models, use different colours of card for the two sheets. By making copies on two cards and using one colour in each direction, you will get much better models; they are also easier to make.

Do not try to enlarge the models, they will not work as well.

Cutting out the slices and cutting the slots

When you cut out the slices, cut just inside the line so there is no drawn line visible on the final model.

In most cases it is best to cut out one or two slices at a time, then cut the slots and then assemble them. Some templates have numbered tabs to show you the order of the slice. Cut these off when the model as been assembled.

It is very important that you cut slots and not just slits. You must cut just enough for the card making the slice to fit neatly in the slot. If the slot is too much wider, the model is likely to fall apart easily, especially in the early stages of assembly. If you just cut a slit along the line, then the forces acting sideways on the slices will cause the model to buckle. Slots look like this:

Cut the slot with scissors making a pair of cuts either side of the line. This will give a sliver of card which will often curl up like a hair. Pinch it off at the end of the slot by grasping it with your fingernails.

To practice cutting slots, use some spare card from the edge of the template with a short pencil line drawn on them.

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