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Templates for downloading

These are the set of template files to download. They are PDFs and you should look at posts for them to understand what they are, see pictures and instructions for cutting out and assembling.

Look in the post on instructions to see how to use them.

These Sliceforms are copyright © 1999-2010 John Sharp. You are allowed to use the templates to make models for your own use and for teaching purposes, but not to use any of the models for commercial purposes.

Zonohedron basic is for the simple zonohedron with 6 slices

Zonohedron advanced with many more slices

tetrahedron basic just 6 slices

Tetrahedron advanced with many slices

super egg see post on this surface for description

Hyperbolic paraboloid basic with just 6 slices

hyperbolic paraboloid advanced with many more slices